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Dear Sir or Madam,

We are presenting the products under the LUVA German brand. Our family company has three generations of experience in producing leather products.
We produce custom-designed items, personalized with unlimited range of specially manufactured details. Our passion for innovation and design has made this collection burst in colours, shapes and sizes.

We are inspired by the lives of the Great Explorers – curiosity about the world, passion, determination and courage are traits necessary to achieve the goal.

We remember about them and keep their amazing discoveries in our memory especially, when we travel. While following their footsteps, we learn about new cultures, traditions and customs and then we rest and delight in unusual places to start a culinary adventure...

The presented collection is our tribute paid to all of these people with the curiosity of the “world’s taste”!

It's all about being MODERN
respecting the TRADITION

Modern world is as good as much we remember who we are, and why we are here. Luva collection shows clasic leather tradition with modern design approach.


Standard and Pantone made

Your business has its own color, its temperature, and temperament. We offer you wide selection of colors for accessories of your choice as well as we can produce Panton color you choose. 


Standard styles are just the beginning 

We do offer standard styles to you but we know it's just the beginning of even greater design adventure. We want to tailor things up to your imagination.


Tailor made design 

Stitching, cutting, embossing, painting, punching, engraving, pressing, rivetting, folding, fitting, gluing, measuring, stuffing, varnishing...
It's your ideas! 

Show appreciation to your customers

Think of a gift that will remind your guests the atmosphere of your place, made of the same materials and designed up to your own style. Give them your special unique piece of luxury.


Key holder

Beautifull single kering holder

Imagine you've given your guests unforgettable experience of luxury. Now let them take the piece of it to their home.

Coin purse

Handy vintage 

Your design with your logo speaks for you in everyday situation.

Card holder

Makes a good first impression

A business situation, a business card, a business opportunity to make new business friends.  

Zipper pocket

YKK zipper guard

Party wallet for most imoprtant stuff to be held in your front pocket. Important gift for your valued belongings.


Where nature can't, man designs. Leather of aluminium surface, flowers, patterns, stars and stardust? Why not! We use HQ Italian polyurethane leathers with designed surface.